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Hoje Eu Sei

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In collaboration with European and Brazilian songwriters and top Brazilian music performers, Lua has recorded an accessible Bossa Samba Brazilian pop album in Rio de Janeiro. Most of the lyrics are in Portuguese with the sweetest Brazilian accent.

Produced by Dirk Swartenbroebx aka Buscemi, she recorded 2 Brazilian covers for her album: “Bananeira” composed by Gilberto Gil and “Que sera” composed by Chico Buarque.

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CD project “Hoje Eu Sei”

The album was recorded in Rio De Janeiro with Grillo Records, Niteroi.

Executive Production: Aline Lua Arranged by: Aline Lua, R. Moraes, et Dirk Swartenbroekx-Buscemi. Mixed and Mastered by: Sandro RangelCia dos Tecnicos Rio de Janeiro. The tracks «O que sera» & «Bananeira» were recorded in Belgium, arranged and produced by: D. Swartenbroekx-Buscemi Mixed by: Rick Marques Mastered by: Sandro Rangel – Cia dos Tecnicos Rio de janeiro.